March 23, 2023

With Meg Rowley off, Ben Lindbergh talks to three guests: James Wagner (4:55) of the New York Times about Scott Boras puns in the paper of record, why players who test positive for PEDs have disproportionately been from the Dominican Republic, and why players wear perfume and cologne on the field; Ian Araujo (41:46) about the origins, appeal, process, and future of his viral TikTok videos about identifying sports games in the backgrounds of movies and TV shows; and Jeff Pearlman (1:20:24) about his new biography of Bo Jackson, The Last Folk Hero, Jackson’s life and career, separating Bo facts from Bo fiction, and hypotheticals about Bo, plus a closing baseball news brief (1:59:45) and a Past Blast from 1928.

Audio intro: The Americans, “Guest of Honor
Audio interstitial 1: Jim Lauderdale, “If You Look Real Close
Audio interstitial 2: Boogie Down Productions, “Bo! Bo! Bo!
Audio ioutro: Crowded House, “Be My Guest (Home Demo)

Link to Alden’s list of Boras puns
Link to Correa’s Dior line
Link to James’s NYT pun mention
Link to Boras episode of EW
Link to James’s PED/DR article
Link to NYT article on Tatis
Link to James on perfume/cologne
Link to Ian’s TikTok account
Link to The Athletic on Ian
Link to Ian’s The Office video
Link to Mel Magazine on Ian
Link to Ben’s Elementary article
Link to The Irishman Reddit thread
Link to Defector on the buzzer-beater
Link to second buzzer-beater story
Link to Hilbert’s problems wiki
Link to baseball Hilbert’s problems
Link to article on TikTok security
Link to The Last Folk Hero
Link to Seitzer/Jackson excerpt
Link to Bo’s tweet about autographs
Link to 91-yard TD video
Link to Bo scaling the wall
Link to Jeff’s website
Link to The Bad Guys Won
Link to “Sho Knows” t-shirt
Link to Astudillo report
Link to MLBTR on Click
Link to MLBTR on Powers
Link to FTX bankruptcy report
Link to FTX sponsorship news
Link to MLB/FTX press release
Link to Ohtani/FTX press release
Link to Emma’s tweet
Link to tweet about Triple-A ABS
Link to J.R.’s World Series data
Link to 1928 story source
Link to SABR on the DH rule
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter

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