March 28, 2023

It might sound surprising, but most amateur golfers don’t even look at the hole correctly when they address their putt. But the Putting Mirror from Short Game Gains is out to fix that problem. SGG founder Fredrik Lindblom demonstrates how to use it.

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Putting Mirror


We have yet to find a good putter who sets up differently each time. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe the setup, stroke, and start line must stay consistent. That’s why we developed the Short Game Gains Putting Mirror. This detailed mirror helps you to check your alignment, confirm that your stroke is on the right path, and help you start every putt on your intended line. Staying consistent is what the best players do- so why not bring that stability into your own putting routine?
The SGG putting mirror also comes with a metal protective storage case.
A few SGG putting mirror features:

eye line alignment

shoulder alignment

swing path

distance from ball

width of stance

ball position

center contact

starting ball on line

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