March 25, 2023

Puck Pedia: The Bruins Bruins have signed Mitchell Miller to a three-year, entry-level contract with a salary cap hit of $862,000 and an AAV of $950,000.

Yr 1: $750,000 salary, $95,000 signing bonus, $105,000 GP bonus, and $82,500 in the minors.
Yr 2 & 3: $775,000 salary, $95,000 signing bonus, $80,000 GP bonus, and $82,500 in the minors

Ty Anderson: Bruins GM Don Sweney: “This decision could be wrong .. It invited a lot of negativity that we didn’t need or want.” Says that every time they came close to walking away, they “remembered he was in 8th grade, he was 14.”

Matt Porter: Bruins GM Don Sweeney: “I am not going to downplay that this has been a personal and professional struggle.” “Mitchell’s paid a punishment, and he’s going to continue to carry that for the rest of his life. We’re going to hold him to a standard.”

Ty Anderson: GM Sweeney: “If others were willing to give him a chance, we’d have to look in the mirror and ask why wouldn’t we?”

Few questions later: “Walking away would’ve been a much easier decision in this regard.”

Jimmy Murphy: Sweeney confirmed that they received some input from the Bruins leadership core as part of the decision process.

Scott McLaughlin: Sweeney said that some players asked, “Why?”

From the Isaiah’s mother:

Thoughts from the media:

Joe Haggerty: “Time will tell, but they are inviting a ton of second-guessing & negative feelings about the Boston Bruins organization”

Ty Anderson: “Ultimately, whole thing is the worst because it’s mixing the tribalism of sports fandom and the recreational screaming and identity politics of “cancel culture” into one crap soup. Just don’t think B’s NEEDED to win bidding war for 5’10 overager THEY admit might not be worth it.”

Ian Kennedy: “The Boston Bruins signing Mitchell Miller shows again, the sport is unwilling to change. Playing professional hockey is a privilege. The Bruins have invited in a person who committed acts of racism and violence against a disabled classmate. Diversity and inclusion? Hockey lies.”

Cam Robinson: “A reminder that at the time of his draft selection, Mitchell Miller had still not apologized to the victim or victim’s family for the abuse he doled out. Sometimes, not everyone deserves a second chance at an elitist career and lifestyle.”

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