June 7, 2023

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Could the Columbus Blue Jackets be looking for centers?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Duck, Duck, Lose on the Columbus Blue Jackets.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“I think that teams in the East that people are wondering about is Columbus. They got absolutely smoked by the Devils on Sunday. That shots were like 14-1 at one point. They had closed-door meeting after the game.

I had heard some rumors that maybe they were looking for some centers. A center or two right now to get them through but someone poo poo’d that to me. Said don’t go to overboard with that.

I think like any team if Columbus could improve they would but don’t expect necessarily anything panic-wise for them.

Just someone to get them through now. We’ll see what they do, but every week there’s one situation where you’re kind of looking at and I think Columbus would say they’re disappointed at how they’ve started this year.

Teams have called the Winnipeg Jets about their blue line

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Duck, Duck, Lose on the Winnipeg Jets.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“Something I was looking out for. Winnipeg has a lot of D and I think there’s been some talk about, do they clear up the log jam? Do they make some moves to sort of free it up a bit?


I basically just think they’ve just told, cause I think teams have called them. Teams that are short on D, I think have called Winnipeg and said, ‘what are you doing?’ I think what they’ve told people is they’re not going to do anything just for the sake of doing it.

They understand, I think there’s interest, maybe some guys would like to play more but they are determined to do what they think is best for themselves.”


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