May 30, 2023

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Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts last night on the Canucks and Bo Horvat‘s contract status.

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“Just couple things with Vancouver here and in Toronto. Jim Rutherford is on the trip as you’ve seen during the game. The agent, Pat Morris, is based in Toronto. Was wondering if they would meet this weekend and I’m told the answer is ‘No,’ there are no meetings scheduled. So, that continues.”

Sekeres and Price: On the Bo Horvat contract situation.

** transcription

Rick Dhaliwal: “Bo Horvat. Okay. So Bo Horvat’s going to go to Toronto Saturday. This is going to be a special day for him. Playing the Maple Leafs. It’s national TV, the whole nine yards.

His agent Pat Morris resides in Toronto. So common sense would tell you that he’ll probably sit down with Pat Morris, in Toronto on Saturday. Common sense tells you that. He’s there. That’s what agents do when players go to their cities. They have meetings.

So, they’ll map out a plan for the rest of the year for Bo, I’m going to presume.

I don’t have any intel that there’s been a ton of negotiating or they’re close or any of that stuff. I know they went a long time without talking contract. I don’t have any evidence that just because this hot start guys that talks have resumed. I don’t have that.


But the Canucks are also in Toronto as well on Saturday, management. So maybe they sit down with Pat Morris. The Canucks are, I do get the feeling from Rutherford that there is no question, they want to sign Bo. They want to get it done.

But I tell you what, if they don’t get it done and he keeps scoring at this pace, they should get a pretty good damn haul at the trading deadline for him.

Rick Dhaliwal: There were no plans for the Canucks to meet with Morris in Toronto.

The Canucks goal is still to sign Horvat. Don’t get the sense that there have been a lot of trade calls for Horvat. Around the 20 game mark is when those could pick up.




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