May 30, 2023

The Toronto Maple Leafs should be looking at Carson Soucy and not Erik Karlsson

Sportsnet: Mike Futa on The Jeff Marek Show on who the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t getting and who they should look at on the blue line.

Futa: “Even my last little (??) Leafs fan giving it to me, ‘you know we’re going to get Karlsson’. I’m like, ‘okay , what are you going to give up, cause you know you’re not giving up any of your top four? He makes $11.75 with a no-trade and you’ve got 50 contracts.

Unless you’re bringing him up here to drop the puck at the National Anthem, get you’re head out of your .

They should be going after your Soucy boy. That’s the kind of thing they need.”

Marek: ” Ya, You heard that. I know a lot of people have called for him. I know a lot of teams have called there and Ronny Francis is holding on for a reason.

Futa: “He’s such a long player. Defends well. Moves the puck well. He’s got some dirt to him and he doesn’t have a ridiculous contract. So those are the guys who are a little bit more feasibly attainable than getting the possible Norris trophy, just to come on for kicks.”

Marek: “Ya, I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Could the Maple Leafs fit in Karlsson? 

Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star: Have been told that the San Jose Sharks are in sell mode. 32-year-old  defenseman Erik Karlsson is playing like his old self. He has five years left on his deal at $11.5 million.

How could the Maple Leafs even fit that in? Could the Sharks retain half, the Leafs send back $5.685 million in cap space and a sweetener or two.

If things go sideways for the Maple Leafs leading up to the trade deadline, pending UFAs they could look to move include Pierre Engvall, Michael Bunting, Wayne Simmonds, David Kämpf, Alexander Kerfoot, Nicolas Aubé-Kubel, Zach Aston-Reese and Justin Holl.



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