March 31, 2023

Feeling healthy, and inspired, at the end of a long season, Andreescu says she believes she can make a swift rise up the WTA rankings in 2023.

“I feel pretty good mentally and physically. I think I’m playing great tennis, but I know that there is a lot more that I can improve on. I don’t want to rush into anything. I don’t want to have, you know, too high expectations for myself,” she said. “So I’m just taking it day by day, and it’s a great way to end off the year as well, just bringing back all the emotions that fire a lot in me. I think I’m going to have a great preseason. Next year I really think I can crack the top 10 again.”

Andreescu says that she has been conducting a thorough coaching search, but has yet to decide on a full-time plan going forward.

In the meantime she is enjoying a renewal of her player-coach relationship with Canadian BJK Cup captain Sylvain Bruneau, the man who guided her through her formative years and all the way through her US Open title and beyond.

“I haven’t made a decision yet, but I have been interviewing some people,” she said. “So I think I have some great options to choose from, but it’s definitely nice to be back with Sylvain. We have worked since, like, 2014 together on and off, and then, you know, he was full time with me basically.

“It’s really nice, because he knows my game very, very well, and he’s a very calm and composed person, which I think I need on my team, because I can get kind of crazy. It’s definitely very nice.”

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