March 31, 2023

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Pre-orders for the Stealth2 fairway woods and hybrids start Jan. 10, with the clubs arriving in retail shops on Feb. 17. Pick up all your gear at Fairway Jockey.


Just like TaylorMade’s new drivers, the Stealth2 fairway woods come in three options to help golfers find the best fit for their games.

Beyond the new technologies and updated designs, one of the biggest benefits of the new Stealth2 fairway wood and hybrid lines is the greater separation between the three Stealth2 models to help provide a better fit for players across a much wider spectrum than ever before.

Fairway wood models

The standard model Stealth2, which is the model most golfers are going to gravitate toward, offers all of the familiar technologies including 3D Carbon crown, V-Steel Sole design for improved ground interaction and through-slot speed pocket for better ball speed retention on shots hit lower on the face.

TaylorMade Stealth2 fairway wood standard model.

Jonathan Wall

What separates the new Stealth2 is the lower center of gravity position to increase launch and lower spin compared to the previous generation. This is achieved by reengineering the crown geometry to lower it by 2mm.

TaylorMade Stealth2 fairway wood from address.

Jonathan Wall

It might not seem like a huge change, but this advancement also improves forgiveness without drastically altering the size and shape.

The Stealth2 comes in lofts of 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21° (RH only) and 24° (RH only).

Speaking of forgiveness, the new Stealth2 HD is one of the highest MOI fairway woods TaylorMade has ever produced and is going to really help golfers who struggle with traditional 3-woods.

TaylorMade Stealth2 HD fairway wood.

Jonathan Wall

The 200cc head offers a super-low profile design with a slight draw bias to inspire confidence both off the tee and the deck.

The shallow and stretched profile of the Stealth2 HD makes it extremely forgiving.

Jonathan Wall

The shallow profile and additional loft is also going to be a huge help for golfers who might be on the lower end of the swing speed spectrum to help increase spin and aid in extra carry.

The Stealth2 HD comes in lofts of 16° and 18° for both right-and left-handed players.

Last but not least is the most advanced and adjustable fairway wood in the lineup: the Titanium Stealth2 Plus.

TaylorMade Stealth2 Plus is engineered for ultimate customization.

Jonathan Wall

TaylorMade engineers have thrown everything into this fairway wood to offer big-time refinement for golfers looking to dial launch and spin into precise windows. Beyond the adjustable hosel, titanium body, and carbon crown, the standout feature is the massive 50g sliding weight track in the middle of the sole that can shift the center of gravity forward and back. 

The 50 gram weight moves forward and back to adjust center of gravity.

Jonathan Wall

For perspective, the 50-gram weight represents more than 22% of the clubhead’s total mass (including the adjustable sleeve), which is how it can offer so much variance to the launch and spin characteristics of the head.

For golfers looking to use it mostly from the fairway, the weight back can offer additional spin for extra carry, while the weight in the front creates what Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, calls the “rocket setting” to provide the lowest launch and spin. 

With so much adjustability within the head, the Stealth2 Plus comes in lofts of 15° and 18° for both right- and left-handed players.

Stealth2 Hybrids

TaylorMade Stealth2, Stealth2 HD and Stealth2 Plus hybrids.

Jonathan Wall

Hybrids have come a long way, and the Stealth2 Rescues — as TaylorMade calls them — are no exception. Similar to the fairway woods, the Rescues come in three options to offer a better fit for every golfer: the standard Stealth2, the Stealth2 HD for draw-biased forgiveness and the Stealth2 Plus for maximum workability. 

Think of the Rescues as mini-fairway woods designed to improve control and blend proper gapping into the top end of your iron set.

Hybrid models

The standard Stealth2 Rescue offers familiar technologies including 3D Carbon crown, V-Steel Sole design and through-slot speed pocket to offer as much forgiveness as possible especially lower on the face where golfers tend to miss with these clubs as they try to lift them into the air.

Stealth2 Hybrid.

Jonathan Wall

The Stealth2 Rescue comes in lofts of 19°, 22°, 25°, 28° (RH only) and 31° (RH only)

The Stealth2 HD Rescue is intended to blend seamlessly into the fairway woods so they come in a larger and lower profile to stretch the center of gravity farther away from the face to help get the ball up in the air more easily.

Stealth2 HD hybrid.

Jonathan Wall

The stretched-out shape also allows engineers to move more weight toward the heel portion of the head to help create a draw bias club that can help any golfer looking for a little extra spin and some extra carry. 

Stealth2 and Stealth2 HD hybrid from address.

Jonathan Wall

Another feature in all of the Rescues and fairway woods is TaylorMade’s Twist Face to help normalize spin on shots hit around the face — this brings carry distance averages closer together for golfers of all skill levels. 

The Stealth2 HD rescue comes in lofts of 19°, 22°, 25° and 28° (RH only).

The Stealth2 Plus Rescue has been designed to offer the most adjustability and workability in the line.

TaylorMade Stealth2 Plus hybrid

Jonathan Wall

What makes the Plus model stand out against the others is hosel adjustability and the much more iron-like look from address with a deeper profile and shorter heel-to-toe length. Gone is the laser alignment topline in favor of a high contrast look between the matte face and the glossy carbon crown of the head. 

Stealth2 Plus hybird face offers an iron-like look

Jonathan Wall

For golfers who want iron-like control but need the extra help a hybrid offers compared to a traditional driving iron, the Stealth2 Plus hybrid is a great option. The club launches lower and offers the workability that the other Rescues in the line can’t match.

The Stealth2 Plus rescue comes in lofts of 17° (RH only), 19.5° and 22°.


Stealth 2 Plus, Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD Rescues clubs will be available for preorder on Jan. 10 and at retail on Feb. 17. Stealth 2 Plus is $299.99, while Stealth 2 Rescue and Stealth 2 HD Rescue are both $279.99.

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