June 7, 2023

Here’s a club you should ditch, according to one top teacher.

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Whether you are a 3 handicap or a beginner trying to break 100, there’s always room to shave strokes. Usually that comes with a good mix of practicing the correct way and managing your way around the golf course better. Both take work.

Here at GOLF.com, we published hundreds of tips to help you get better in 2022, and while any type of player could learn from all of them, some are better suited for low handicaps while others are more beneficial for high handicaps or beginners.

And when it comes to the latter, no article we wrote got more traction than this one, published on Oct. 15: Avoid this club if you’re a high handicapper, says Top 100 Teacher.

Our Jessica Marksbury spoke with Top 100 Teacher Tina Tombs, a teacher based out of Arizona and a former LPGA Tour winner, and Tombs said using a high-lofted wedge can bring more problems than solutions for beginners.

“A high handicapper needs to learn how to use a regular sand wedge,” she said. “They do not need to use a 60-degree wedge.”

Tombs said it makes more sense for high handicappers to get better with fewer clubs instead of trying to do too much.

“If a high handicapper carries 10 clubs, I think they’re going to score much better than they would having all these choices,” she said.

You can read the full article here.

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